Art On Legs 2008

A travelling teaching resource for secondary teachers of textiles

Art on legs consists of 7 outfits created by students in TECO 209 – Textiles Industries, Semester 2, 2009 as a component of the assessment for the subject.

With the permission of the students, these outfits were submitted to the Fashion Fantasia Awards in Hobart. Six of the students received certificates and a book as a reward for winning second and third prizes in the Gondwana section of the awards. Australian Catholic University (ACU) provided all the students with a certificate of congratulations on their contribution to the ACU National’s art-to-wear collection with the understanding the collection would be used as a teaching resource in secondary school.

The collection was exhibited in the ACU National Gallery at Strathfield Campus from October 22 to November 1, 2008 and advertised on the invitation that it would be available as a teaching resource following the exhibition.

Students were asked to resubmit their completed folios as part of the assessment if they would like to contribute to the support material that will be provided with the garments. All participating students will be acknowledged in the support material.

It is proposed that schools can hire a maximum of 2 garments at a time for a 2 week period. The hiring charge will be $140 plus postage for non-members of the Home Economics Institute of Australia (HEIA, NSW Division). Hiring fee will be waived for the participating students and schools who hold school or individual membership of the Home Economics Institute of Australia (HEIA NSW Division). Contact Mary Ann Robb at ACU for details regarding borrowing these garments:

Art On Legs

Liquid Assets – designed and made by Christina Fam, Paula McNeil and Ashleigh Milburn. The bodice features a Tea Rose rouched Swiss metallic silk and the skirt inspired by the waves on the Australian coastline were produced by edged circular frills, solvy lace and woven panels.

Fire Trail - designed and made by Danielle Ames, Sophie Favelle and Sana Issa. The bodice features discharge printing overstitched with free embroidery to depict a landscape devastated by bushfire. The skirt has singed organza depicting the flames, solvy lace leaves and sishiko stitched detail.

Wedding Gowns

One usually wears a Wedding Gown only once... SO...why not make it DISPOSABLE!! ?? The dresses entered in this contest were SO SPECTACULAR, that we HAD to award more prizes, this year. the judging was so difficult, that we also gave out THREE "Honorable Mention" awards. It is hard to believe that ALL of theses wedding dresses are made from toilet paper...But, they are!! Watch out Vera Wang!! Not only did we have more entries than last year...they just keep getting better and better. And, everyone had a great time making their special wedding gown creations. Unfortunately, we can't put all of the entries on, but here are just a few of these unbelievable toilet paper dresses. Many Thanks to ALL Contestants!!