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People in the Home Economics profession, usually called Home Economists provide information, intrepret consumer needs, develop skills, provide community services and liaise between community, business and consumer organisations. You can access education and training in these areas from the following Institutions. There is currently a huge shortage of Home Economics teachers across Australia. If you already have some skills in this area or would like to train or retrain, please consider a new pathway through Sydney University Education Department. The first year of the course: Degree in Education(Secondary: Design and Technology) is a Certificate IV in Hospitality(Catering Operations) or equivalent. For further information contact either Sydney University or Sydney Institute of TAFE.

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A new web-based career information service, myfuture is alive and kicking. A joint initiative of Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments, it provides Australia's most comprehensive set of career related information as well as a decision making tool that helps users explore options, set goals and plans careers.

University - Australian Catholic: Strathfield Sydney

ACU National, Strathfield Campus, offers an undergraduate degree in Bachelor in Teaching/Bachelor in Arts - Technology. All students study the required subjects to teach Design and Technology in secondary schools and may choose to specialise in Food Technology or Textiles and Design.The University is having an open day on Saturday 24th August and welcomes those interested in these areas of study to talk to lecturers who teach in the program. The University is situated at 25a Barker Road, Strathfield and will be open to visitors from 10am - 4pm. For further info contact

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    the Australian Training web site provides comprehensive, consolidated information about training opportunities around Australia. this site is designed by the Commonwealth Government as a directory for all Australians who are either looking to upgrade their work skills or persue further education.



  • Certificate III Health Service Assistant
    Course number 1874. This is a great way to study nutrition. You learn the relationships bewteen the nutritional needs of different groups in the community and the available food services, in hospitals, childcare and to the family. If this course is not available at your nearest college, you may be able to study by distance.

University of Western Sydney

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